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November 19, 2018

The Keytesville Chamber of Commerce met November 19, 2018, at the Café` at noon with these members present: Clayton Enyeart, Nancy Coy, Carla Watts, Rick Jones, Laurinda Littleton, Susan Creason, Susan Littleton, Janet Weaver, Gerald Friesz, Wendy Huntsman, Lowell Newsom, David Gaines, and Larry Pollard.

Laurinda Littleton called the meeting to order and asked for a motion to approve the agenda. Lowell Newsom moved to approve the agenda with Nancy Coy seconding the motion. All members present voted favorably. Motion carried.

Pres. Littleton asked that the Secretary’s minutes distributed by email be approved and if there were any corrections to make them known. Susan Creason moved to approve the secretary’s minutes with Carla Watts seconding that motion. All present voted favorably to approve the Secretary’s minutes. Motion carried.

Carla Watts presented the Treasurer’s Report and stated that our group had received $50 from Drews Garage LLC and $50 from Sherry Meyer (Sherry’s Place) as donations for the Trunk or Treat event and that the Trunk or Treat Donations Jar had netted $147.62 at the event making our current checking account balance $5,989.48. Nancy Coy moved that the Treasurer’s Report be approved as read and Susan Littleton seconded that motion. All present voted favorably to approve the Treasurer’s Report. Motion carried.

In addition to the Treasurer’s report, Carla indicated that she had had a conversation with Dora Palmer who had recently attended a Casey’s Managerial Meeting with her relative, DeeAnna Wright (current manager of Keytesville’s Casey’s) and that apparently efforts to obtain a rehabbed store or a new, bigger store seemingly depends in many cases on public support of such a venture as evidenced by a letter writing campaign by citizens of a town to Casey’s corporate headquarters. It was also pointed out that in many cases people traveling the highways actually look at the size of the store because they know that certain features are present in the bigger, newer establishments than are in the smaller Casey’s stores such as what our town has, and often will by-pass the smaller stores assuming they will be able to get to a bigger one down the road. Sec. Weaver volunteered to write a letter on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce appealing to Casey’s Corporate HQ’s for a bigger store for our town.

A report on the recently held Chamber Sponsored Trunk or Treat event was given and it was estimated 200 children participated and there were 32 Trunks surrounding the park. Good participation and excellent weather made the event the biggest success yet. Lowell Newsom said he felt one reason our event was well attended was because our group does not hold the event on actual Halloween Night but a few days ahead and that enables more people from surrounding towns to come as both Salisbury and Brunswick have their Trunk or Treat events on Halloween. He suggested we keep having ours on a day different from Halloween.

Discussion then moved to the upcoming Candy Cane Winter Wonderland event scheduled for Dec. 8 in Keytesville. 10 a.m. Sat. morning was scheduled for decorating with the suggestion that as many Chamber members be present as possible to help decorate Bridge Street for the event. Janet Weaver indicated she had 3 out of town judges for the Business Window Decorating Contest and the Residential Decorating Contest. Laurinda passed out tentative flyers for the event and said that tweaked flyers would be put out soon. The schedule of events for this 2nd Candy Cane Winter Wonderland would be 4:30—Opening ceremony with Tyler Hershey soloist, Music provided on Bridge St. by Clayton Enyeart, Chili/Soup at the Community Center and Hogz BBQ by Justin Enyeart at the Farmers Market, Pictures with Santa, Xmas Cookies for sale by Susan Creason, Many Flavored Candy Canes available for sale. Parade of lighted and decorated UTV’s, ATV’s, Motorcycles, Bikes, Golf Carts at 5:30 with a first place winner $150 and a second place winner at $100, Hot beverages provided by the Keytesville Fire Dept. and the Keytesville Library at their respective locations. The Keytesville Lions will be decorating Price Park. No decision by the Lions yet as to whether they will sell commemorative ornaments or not this year. All members are hoping for a good turn out and pleasant weather for this winter event.

David Gaines mentioned that an upcoming Saturday was going to be Small Business Saturday and encouraged people to shop locally and at small businesses on that day. (as well as other times, too).

Laurinda indicated she thought it would be nice to have our December meeting (scheduled for Dec. 17) in the evening rather than at noon. She indicated that the Café` could provide a pork chop dinner for $10 each (for members). Nancy Coy moved that we have the December meeting at 6:30 on Dec. 17 with Wendy Huntsman seconding that motion. All members present voted favorably and the motion carried.

Drawings were held for the Donuts of the Month with Tammy Littleton winning that honor and Business of the Month was Casey’s (Keytesville’s). Volunteer of the Quarter was the Child Welfare Committee.

A motion for the meeting to adjourn was made by Lowell Newsom with Susan Littleton seconding. All present voted favorably and the Nov. meeting was adjourned.