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July 15, 2019

The Keytesville Chamber of Commerce met July 15, 2019, at the Café at noon with these members attending: Carla Watts, President, Laurinda Littleton, VP, Nancy Coy, Treas., Wendy Huntsman, Rick Jones, Lowell Newsom, Janet Weaver, and guest Jason Sears, representing GMS Designworks.

Carla Watts called the meeting to order and in the absence of the Sec., the approval of the June minutes were tabled until the next meeting. Janet Weaver volunteered to take the minutes of the July meeting in Clayton’s absence.

The Treasurer’s report was read by Nancy Coy and the Bridge Street Affair once again lost some money but not a significant amount. In fact, if some things that were added that were not done the previous year had not been added, a small profit would have been realized or at least a break even. All in all, the Bridge Street Affair was deemed a success, but it was agreed that before next year’s event, perhaps some more “tweaking” needed to be done. Lowell Newsom moved the Treasurer’s report be approved with Janet Weaver seconding. All present voted favorably and the Treasurer’s report was approved as read.

It is time for the Chamber’s Events Liability Insurance to be paid and realizing that this insurance covers all events the Chamber currently does, it was deemed worthwhile to continue keeping the insurance. Lowell Newsom moved we pay the fee for the Liability Insurance with Wendy Huntsman seconding the motion. All present voted favorably and the motion carried. The bill will be paid to Fox Insurance.

Ideas were discussed for the Sterling Price Day Fundraiser. Janet Weaver had the idea to sell T-Shirts that said Keytesville, MO on them. Probably, she felt, it would be good that they would not be dated so they would not be un-sellable the next year and she hesitated to put Sterling Price Day on them. She felt it would be a better seller with just Keytesville, MO on them as they could be worn any time of the year and perhaps would be a better seller (even the possibility of sales at the KHS Alumni Banquet in the spring).

Food sales at Price Day was also considered (the idea about Pizza Hut pizza slices) was mentioned or some other kind of food (depending on what others would be selling). After some give and take on the ideas it was moved by Janet Weaver that “anything but another raffle” would be used as a fund raiser and Nancy Coy seconded that motion. All present voted favorably. The t-shirt idea seemed popular and Laurinda moved we contact Holly Sorenson about the design on the shirt and see if they could be available for sale Price Day and order 50 shirts to start with. Lowell seconded the motion and all present voted favorably. It was left to the events committee to decide what kind of food would be sold at Price Day and their decision would be presented at the August meeting for approval after the necessary research had been completed.

A possible ribbon cutting was discussed for Bryan Neidholdt’s business,Neidholdt Plumbing and since he has no actual storefront at this point, it was thought that a photo opportunity beside his truck with his logo on it with members of the Chamber in attendance could possibly suffice and would be a bit different. Further investigation will be done to see if that can be arranged.

A drawing was held for the free meal recipient at the next Chamber meeting and ironically Bryan Neidholdt’s business was the winner. Bryan will be notified that he is the winner of the free meal August 19 and it is hoped he may be able to attend.

No business of the month was drawn as Megan Fox is catching up with previous businesses and their respective stories.

At this point Carla introduced Jason Sears who represented his company GMS Designworks and he discussed that he would be the new website manager for Keytesville’s website and some of his hopes and plans for said site. Carla indicated she would send out an email to members that they could have a page for their business for the special price of $20 per year on the site and Jason felt that having an actual page with contact numbers and descriptions of what the business provides could prove invaluable for small businesses in Keytesville. Jason mentioned the fact he was a KHS Alumni and would like to do what he could with the technology he has and his business acumen to help Keytesville revitalize. All Chamber members were pleased to have Jason with us at our meeting and received business cards to facilitate them getting in touch with Jason to get their own page going (in addition to the simple listing they have as members of the Keytesville Chamber) on the Keytesville Chamber’s own page, but which contains nothing but the business’ name with no contact numbers or services provided. The Chamber thanked Jason for offering such a great introductory price to having a page on the revamped Keytesville website. We will be in further contact with Jason as this project moves forward. Laurinda moved that we accept Jason’s offer to be the new website manager with Lowell seconding the motion. All present voted favorably.

Date for the next Chamber meeting is August 19, 2019 at the Café. Meeting adjourned.