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January 16, 2018

The Keytesville Chamber of Commerce met January 16, 2018, at The Café` at noon with these members present: Rick Jones, Lowell Newsom, Clayton Enyeart, Larry Pollard, Laurinda Littleton, Bob Littleton, Susan Littleton, Landon Alumbaugh, Nancy Coy, Carla Watts, and Janet Weaver.

President Littleton called the meeting to order and asked for a motion to approve the agenda. Nancy Coy moved to approve the agenda with Lowell Newsom seconding that motion. All present voted favorably with the motion carrying.

The secretary’s minutes were next on the agenda with Larry Pollard voting to approve the secretary’s minutes with Landon Alumbaugh seconding that motion. All those present voted favorably with the motion carrying.

Lowell Newsom read the treasurer’s report and indicated after $848.77 worth of expenses related to the Christmas event sponsored by the chamber which included reimbursements to Laurinda, contest prize winners, and postage for the membership letters for 2018, the bank balance as of 1/16/18 was $3,281.40. Janet Weaver moved to approve the treasurer’s report with Clayton Enyeart seconding. All present voted favorably and the motion carried.

Lowell Newsom moved that Cheryl Jackson be retained to audit his treasurer’s books with Nancy Coy seconding so they could be turned over to Carla Watts. All present voted favorably. (In reviewing the past minutes, the Dec. 18, 2017, minutes indicate that Janet Weaver moved to have Cheryl Jackson audit the treasurer’s books upon the election of the new treasurer with Larry Pollard seconding). So this action should now be undertaken as it has been voted favorably on more than once).

Janet Weaver moved that the new slate of officers for the year 2018 be made official by vote—the new officers being: Laurinda Littleton as President, Nancy Coy as VP, Janet Weaver as Secretary and Carla Watts as Treasurer. Lowell Newsom seconded that motion. All present voted favorably on the new slate of officers. Congratulations to the officers for 2018.

Nancy Coy reported the Newsletter for the quarter is nearing completion and should be out soon.

Laurinda asked for a report on the membership drive which is in progress. So far eight people have returned their dues and with one of the eight being a new member. Janet Weaver indicated that approximately 100 letters were sent out to former members as well as new potential members. We will have a better assessment of the success of the drive at the February meeting when we draw for the entity that wins the free membership for 2019. It was mentioned that the City of Keytesville had won 2018’s membership free.

That concluded the old business and the President went to new business. First off was the number of fund raisers to have per year and when. Briefly discussed was the gift basket of lottery cards and gift cards that was raffled last year and which proved to be very popular. If it was decided to do that again, work on that project needs to start immediately as there is a basketball tournament at KHS next week, and an upcoming 6th grade basketball tournament in Feb. and then there will be the alumni banquet the 31st of March. Janet Weaver moved that we proceed with the gift basket of lottery tickets, gift cards etc. for the first fund raiser, with Lowell Newsom seconding. All present voted favorably for that first fund raiser. Laurinda will get started on that project.

The second fund raiser was decided should coincide with Price Day to avail ourselves of the crowds present as it was pointed out that we did well at last year’s Price Day event. Mayor Littleton indicated that he thought fund raisers were always good, but his criteria for judging fund raisers was if they offered something new/different rather than the same thing year after year. All present were asked to be thinking of something new/different/appealing to raffle for the Sterling Price Day event and have some ideas for next meeting.

Plans for the Town Wide Garage Sale were initiated; the Lions Club needs to be contacted to see if they are planning the Pulled Pork Lunch per usual and a suitable day in May needs to be determined. Lowell Newsom to bring up the Garage Sale with the Lions at their next meeting and see if a mutually agreeable date can be found.

The Sally Hubbard Walk was discussed as an event that our group would like to continue, however it did seem that some changes or tweaks might need to be made after our first year’s efforts. Since we have some time before that event will occur, any major changes were tabled for the time being.

Laurinda talked about an event she would like to see happen involving a dinner (evening) served on tables set up on blocked off main street with strolling musicians. Members were receptive to the idea so that idea will be pursued further, as to logistics, time of year, and how to make it happen.

Janet Weaver reminded the group that we should be timely this year on filing necessary reports regarding the State Corp fee and things of that nature to avoid potentially costly fines.

Drawings were held for the business of the month: Travis McNeall Pioneer Seeds and Donuts of the Month, Chris Hughes. Volunteer of the Quarter was chosen and the volunteer is Shirley Jean Morris. Sec. Weaver assigned to interview Travis and Shirley and prior winner Dennis Neidholdt and get information and photos to the newspaper.

It was mentioned that committees will be appointed next meeting in Feb. as per our by-laws. The next meeting date falls on a holiday in Feb., so once again the meeting will be held on Tues. following the 3rd Mon. or Feb. 20, 2018 at noon at The Café`.

Lowell Newsom moved the meeting adjourn with Susan Littleton seconding that motion. All present voted favorably. Meeting adjourned.