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July 16, 2018

The Keytesville Chamber of Commerce met at The Café` at noon on Monday, July 16, 2018, with these members present: Susan Creason, Wendy Huntsman, Susan Littleton, Nancy Coy, Janet Weaver, Rick Jones, Laurinda Littleton, Carla Watts, Michael Gaines, Gerald Friesz, and Bob Littleton.

The meeting was called to order by President Laurinda Littleton who asked for a motion to approve the agenda. Rick Jones moved to approve the agenda with Susan Creason seconding. All present voted favorably.

Members were asked if they had read the minutes sent them by email by Sec. Weaver of the last meeting held June 18, 2018, and if so if they should be approved. Wendy Huntsman moved to approve the secretary’s report with Nancy Coy seconding. All members present voted to approve the secretary’s minutes.

Carla Watts was then called upon to give the treasurer’s report. After expenses associated with the Bridge Street Affair, the treasurer’s report shows a balance of $6546.16 in the checking account. There was a loss on the Bridge Street Affair but in actuality it was negligible especially for the first time an event like this was attempted.
Nancy Coy moved to approve the treasurer’s report with Susan Littleton seconding the motion. All present voted favorably to approve the treasurer’s report.

Carla Watts then read the list of associated expenses for the Bridge Street Affair and asked for permission to pay those outstanding bills. Rick Jones moved that the bills be paid with Janet Weaver seconding that motion. All present voted favorably to reimburse people for their own expenses relating to the event and all other expenses associated with the Bridge Street Affair.

A brief recap was held of the Bridge Street Affair noting that the weather was perfect for the event, that the children’s activities were very successful in the park, that the crowd enjoyed the square dancers, the adult tricycle races, and that 16 vendors had participated.
So, it was thought if this event were held again next year, it would likely be better attended as the word got around that it was an enjoyable event—fun for all who came and participated.

Once again the insurance issue was broached (event insurance). Our group’s application had been rejected by several companies due to the fact the owners of the inflatables was not present for the use of the equipment and there was concern about the ATV parade at Xmas. Mayor Bob Littleton was going to check regarding the City’s insurance and see what it would cover for events held IN the city and until he reports back to our group in August, Janet Weaver moved that we table any further discussion about the purchase of event insurance until we get information from him. Susan Creason seconded that motion. All present voted favorably. The consensus of the group was that while it would be nice to have the event insurance our group could not afford $1400 plus for it for one year and if we could find some event insurance more reasonably priced (in the neighborhood of $500) that would be ok, but NOT nearly triple that amount. It is hoped Mayor Littleton can learn something that could possibly help us regarding insurance on events held in the city.

Michael Gaines gave a brief report on efforts being made by the Economic Development Committee. One main point he made was that due to the large public response regarding the bridge w. of town over the Musselfork at the meeting held by MODot, the authorities had decided not to institute the detour around the whole area but to keep the existing bridge in operation while the new one was being built. All seem happy to hear that the expensive and time consuming detour will not be forthcoming. Efforts continue to be made to procure some business interests for the communities in Chariton County and Mr. Gaines was pleased to report that actually some local investors are purchasing property and going to start housing projects since many of the towns have a lack of good housing for potential inhabitants. Rick Jones indicated the Board of Education had instituted a $3000 stipend toward housing costs for any teacher who would move to Keytesville as this was thought might help the teacher retention issue. Gaines also indicated the Econ. Development Board was upgrading their website to include more things—including a calendar of events that organizations could post events on for dispensing more info about said events.

Bob Littleton gave a brief report on a grant available from Green Hills regarding drainage issues along some of the town’s streets. Public hearings will be held in conjunction with this and hopefully Keytesville will be entitled to a grant to help with improved drainage issues on many of the town’s streets.

Mayor Littleton also addressed the fact that Jon Knight had been contacted to bid on electrical work needed at Price Park, and that three new benches going to be installed in Price Park within the next week or so.

The Chamber’s activity for Price Day was discussed. Pres. Littleton mentioned the idea of a ping pong ball drop. The thought was to sell ping pong ball chances (numbered balls) for $2.00 each chance and the person’s name purchasing recorded with the number. At the conclusion of the sales, the ping pong balls would be loaded into a bucket truck or something comparable and dropped from a high position. The one ping pong ball landing closest to a pole driven in the ground would be deemed the winner. Pres. Littleton wants to sell at least 500 chances at $2.00 each and the prize winning person would get $500 and the Chamber would get $500 if that could happen. Since time is of the essence and Price Day is about 7 wks. away or less, it was deemed important that this be approved now so supplies can be gotten. Janet Weaver moved we go forward with the Ping Pong Ball Drop activity with Carla Watts seconding that motion. All present voted favorably to do the Ping Pong Ball Drop.

Drawing for donuts or cup cakes of the month took place: Landon Alumbaugh was drawn for the cupcakes of the month (replacing Summerville Funeral Home) and Lowell Newsom was drawn for the current month. Janet Weaver explained that due to the Littleton families being drawn for back to back coverage for business of the month(s) she thought it was more proper to have their businesses interspersed with other businesses and since Susan Creason of SC Sweet Treats was actually present at today’s meeting she was prepared to get her picture and get her interview so that her business could be one used to intersperse. That solution was agreeable to those attending. Her suggestion that instead of the Lions Club being the business of the month, it would be more suitable for the Lions Club to be considered for Volunteer(s) of the next Quarter. That, too, was more agreeable with those attending. Those changes will henceforth be done.

The next meeting of the Chamber will be August 20, 2018. Nancy Coy moved the meeting adjourn with Rick Jones seconding. All present voted favorably. Meeting adjourned.