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August 20, 2018

The Keytesville Chamber of Commerce met at The Café at noon on Monday, August 20, 2018, with these people in attendance: Larry Pollard and guest Sam Wilson, Lowell Newsom, Clayton Enyeart, Nancy Coy, Susan Littleton, Janet Weaver, Wendy Huntsman Susan Creason, Rick Jones, Michael Gaines, and Carla Watts.

In the absence of the President, Laurinda Littleton, Nancy Coy VP, conducted the meeting, VP Coy called the meeting to order and asked for a motion to approve the agenda.

A motion to approve the agenda was made by Lowell Newsom and seconded by Wendy Huntsman with all members present voting favorably. Motion carried.

A motion to approve the secretary’s minutes by Janet Weaver, Sec., sent by email to members was made by Rick Jones and seconded by Susan Creason. The motion was approved with all members present voting favorably. Motion carried.

Carla Watts, Treasurer, gave the Treasurer’s report and stated that after expenses the checking account had a balance in it of $5949.36 and that the Corporation fees had been paid to the Sec. of State. She asked about having a new designated person to receive this notice since Rob Wheeler is deceased.

Janet Weaver moved that Carla Watts be the designated person to receive further notification from the Sec. of State’s Office and Michael Gaines seconded the motion. All members present voted favorably. Rick Jones moved to approve the Treasure’s report, with Susan Littleton seconding. All members present voted favorably with the motion carrying.

Event Insurance was quoted for a year for slightly over $500. Rick Jones read over the paperwork from Fox Insurance and Lowell Newsom moved we obtain it with Clayton Enyeart seconding the motion. All present voted favorably.

Guest speaker was Becky Parks who will be the new website manager in place of Amanda Webb, wife of former KHS math instructor, Jerred Webb since the Webbs have moved from Keytesville to St. Robert, MO.

Becky spoke briefly about some ideas she had to enhance the website and do some tweaking, and distributed some mock up ads that could be used if members wanted to further advertise their businesses on the website other than just having a listing.

Further business involved plans for the ping pong ball drop to be held on Sterling Price Day, Sept. 8. Ticket sheets were distributed to members who wanted them and the ticket prices are $2.00 per ticket (for one numbered ping pong ball) and 6 for $10.00

Michael Gaines spoke briefly about continuing efforts to recruit businesses to Chariton County’s Work Ready area as well as a recent meeting regarding MODot and the bridge replacement over Musselfork Creek. Fortunately at this point there are no plans to close the bridge entirely for this work with the exception of maybe a few days only rather than for the originally planned months of closure which would have entailed expensive detours and great inconvenience.

Business of the month remains Kendall Littleton (no interview yet)—hopefully soon; and Donuts of the month was awarded to Schachtele Auction.

The next meeting is set for Sept. 17, 2018, at noon at The Café’.

There being no further business, Lowell Newsom moved to adjourn with Carla Watts seconding and all members present voted favorably. Meeting adjourned.