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April 15, 2019

The April 2019 meeting of the Keytesville Chamber of Commerce met at the Café at noon on Monday, April 15, 2019. Members in attendance were President Carla Watts, Lowell Newsom, David Gaines, Nancy Coy, Susan Creason, Cele Sehlke, Melissa Wilhoit, Susan Littleton, Bob Littleton, Wendy Huntsman, Larry Pollard, Rick Jones, and Clayton Enyeart.

President Watts called the meeting to order and asked for a motion for the secretary’s minutes to be approved. Nancy moved the secretary’s minutes to be approved with Susan seconding that motion. All members present voted favorably.

The Treasurer’s report was presented by Treasurer Nancy stating the current balance of $6,798.93. Carla asked for a motion to approve the treasurer’s report. David made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report with Lowell seconding. All members present voted favorably. Under old business, 84 tickets have been sold so far for the Gift Certificate basket. The drawing will be held at the Alumni Banquet on April 20th. The annual Sally Hubbard Walk will take place from May 14 – June 13 on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. On June 6th a “Family Night” will take place after the walk that day. Food will be provided and some children’s games will take place as well. Members and anyone else interested are asked to donate items for the event, such as food, condiments, plates, etc.

As old business continued, the City Wide Garage Sale has been set for May 11th and this year sign-up is free. The 2019 Chamber of Commerce membership list was in the paper on March 28. Discussion was made regarding the Casey’s Petition and Letters. Janet reported via email that she has completed the petition and is still editing the letter. The plan is to use City Hall as the place the petition and letters will be, but final confirmation has not yet been made.

Under new business, the second annual Bridge Street Affair will take place on Saturday, June 22nd. Local businesses are encouraged to set up booths to promote their business. Chamber members may set up a booth free of charge, but non-members must pay a $10 fee to do so. As of now, the committee is still in search for a band to play after the meal.

As new business continued, L&W Investments has become a new 2019 member of the Chamber. This month’s free meal recipient is the Keytesville Fire Department. Discussion was made in regard to who the next Volunteer of the Quarter should be. Rick moved to nominate the Maxwell Taylor Park Board with Larry seconding that motion. In the past singular persons are nominated, but after discussion it was decided that the nomination of boards would be fitting as well. All members present voted favorably.

Cele Sehlke proposed the idea of having a Chamber sponsored “Educator of the Year” award. The award would go to a teacher currently employed at Keytesville School and could be nominated by anyone in the community. In order to nominate a teacher, an application (to be provided by Cele) must be submitted by May 10th. The award in form of a plaque would be presented at the school’s award assembly on May 24th. The cost of the plaque would be under $50 and be paid for by the Chamber. David made a motion that a $200 stipend be added to the award for the purpose of purchasing supplies for the winning teacher’s classroom. Rick seconded that motion and all member present voted favorably. Committee members are Cele, Nancy, Mellissa, and Carla.

The date for the next Chamber meeting is set for Monday, May 20th.