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September 16, 2019

The September 2019 meeting of the Keytesville Chamber of Commerce met at the Café at noon on Monday, September 16th, 2019. Members in attendance were President Carla Watts, Nancy Coy, Susan Creason, Larry Pollard, Janet Weaver, Laurinda Littleton, Wendy Huntsman, Rick Jones, Nathan Asbury, Lowell Newsom, David Gaines, and Clayton Enyeart.

President Watts called the meeting to order and asked for a motion for the secretary’s minutes to be approved. Larry moved the secretary’s minutes to be approved with Lowell seconding that motion. All members present voted favorably.

The Treasurer’s report was presented by Treasurer Nancy stating the current balance of $5,787.21. Carla asked for a motion to approve the treasurer’s report. Janet made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report with David seconding. All members present voted favorably.

Under old business, the Chamber’s Sterling Price Day caramel apple fundraiser went over favorably. The fundraiser brought in $105 and was well received by those who purchased. The event committee for the upcoming Trunk-or-Treat will have a meeting on October 9th to plan and discuss the upcoming event. The Christmas light parade is scheduled for December 14th and will be discussed in more detail in the upcoming Chamber meetings closer to time. Chariton Valley Fiber internet is officially making its way into Keytesville. Crews will be installing fiber lines throughout town over the next several weeks.

Under new business, this month’s free meal recipient is Plaid Parlor and the business of the month is Sehlke Trucking. There will be two ribbon cuttings done for the new owners of both sets of storage units in Keytesville. Darrin and Megan Fox Rentals, LLC recently purchased the Leach’s units located on the East side of Grand Ave and Double E Storage, LLC (Danny & Gina Enyeart) recently purchased Weimer’s units on the West side of Grand Ave next to Senior Housing. A ribbon cutting was originally set for October 5th, but due to scheduling issues will take place after the next chamber meeting. Keytesville T-shirts are now ready to order. Shirts smaller than 2X will be $15 and size 2X and above will be $17. Under further new business, mentioned that Nathan & Michelle’s upcoming restaurant “1820” is planning on opening around the end of October.

The date for the next Chamber meeting is set for Monday, October 21st. Lowell made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Janet seconded it. All members present voted favorably.