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March 18, 2019

The March 2019 meeting of the Keytesville Chamber of Commerce met at the Café at noon on Monday, March 18, 2019. Members in attendance were President Carla Watts, Lowell Newsom, David Gaines, Janet Weaver, Nancy Coy, Susan Creason, Cele Sehlke, Nathan Asbury, Melissa Wilhoit, Laurinda Littleton, and Clayton Enyeart.

President Watts called the meeting to order and asked for a motion for the secretary’s minutes to be approved. Janet moved the secretary’s minutes to be approved with Susan seconding that motion. All members present voted favorably.

The Treasurer’s report was presented by Treasurer Nancy stating the current balance of $6,329.52. Carla asked for a motion to approve the treasurer’s report. David made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report with Nathan seconding. All members present voted favorably.

Under old business, the new trash receptacles are now at the Community Center & Farmer’s Market. Discussion was made in regards to the construction of a handicap accessible fishing dock at Maxwell Taylor Park. The City is in the process of submitting for a grant for the dock. Janet moved that a donation of $250 be made to the construction of the handicap accessible dock with Clayton seconding that motion. Once the City’s grant goes through the donation will be made.

As old business continued, the Gift Card gift basket was discussed. Members were reminded to continue selling tickets and that the drawing for the basket will be April 20th at the Alumni Banquet.

Under new business, the Sally Hubbard walk is set for May 14th thru June 13th and will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The Keytesville City Wide Garage Sale has been set for May 11th.

Discussion was made about this year’s upcoming Bridge Street Affair. Last years event went over favorably and members were in agreement to hold the event again this summer. Last year it was held on Saturday, June 23rd and will likely be held that same weekend this year. A definite time and date will be set in the upcoming weeks by the event committee. Last year local businesses were invited to set up a booth to promote their business free of charge. Laurinda proposed charging a $10 or so fee per booth for this year, but a definite amount was not decided.

The Chamber’s membership list will be put in the paper during the first week in April.

This month’s free meal recipient is Carolyn Hanke and the business of the month is Plaid Parlor. Nikki Medlin was nominated as Volunteer of the Quarter. Nikki will be interviewed and an article will be submitted to the newspaper in the coming weeks.

David provided information about the search for workers during the upcoming 2020 census. The jobs would involve verifying addresses and confirming that people are currently living at those addresses. The job has no set hours and workers can work whenever they like. Applications can be submitted online at 2020census.gov/jobs. Pay is estimated at $14/hr.

David and Lowell spoke about the upcoming methane production facility at Hampton Feedlot. This facility has the potential to add several new jobs to the community. David also mentioned that Economic Development will be hosting a golf event on Friday, May 3rd. Lunch will be included.

Nathan made the exciting announcement that he and Michelle will be opening a new restaurant in uptown Keytesville next to the Post Office. The restaurant will be county themed and called “1820”, which is the year Chariton County was founded. It will be reservation only and be open on Friday and Saturday evenings. A grand opening date has not been set.

Janet spoke with Deanna Wright about the possible letter writing campaign to Casey’s in hopes of getting a larger store. Deanna said that the amount of sales a Casey’s store has will make a big difference. Discussion was made about creating a petition for a larger store and encourage local citizens to sign, as well as send individual letters if they wish.

The date for the next Chamber of Commerce meeting was set for Monday, April 15th at noon at the Café. Lowell moved to adjourn the meeting with Nathan seconding that motion.