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January 22, 2019

The January 2019 Keytesville Chamber of Commerce met at The Café at noon on Jan. 22, 2019, with these members attending: Pres. Laurinda Littleton, Gerald Friesz, Lowell Newsom, Carla Watts, Chris Hughes, Nancy Coy, Nathan and Michelle Asbury, and Janet Weaver.

President Littleton called the meeting to order and asked for a motion for the agenda to be approved. Lowell Newsom made the motion to approve the agenda with Gerald Friesz seconding that motion. All members present voted favorably.

President Littleton then asked for a motion for the Secretary’s minutes to be approved. Nathan Asbury moved the secretary’s report be approved with Nancy Coy seconding that motion. All members present voted favorably.

Carla Watts then presented the Treasurer’s report and stated that there was $5141.44 in the checking account after expenses were paid. At this point she acknowledged that the membership dues had been coming in and she had at least 10 or more on her desk, but this new income was not reflected in this month’s financial report. Laurinda asked for a motion that the treasurer’s report be approved. Janet Weaver moved the treasurer’s report be approved with Lowell Newsom seconding. All members present voted favorably.

Moving on with the agenda, under old business the trash receptacle project was addressed. With the knowledge that the Finnell Trust is considering installing new picnic tables at the Farmers Market, the Chamber had been contacted about possibly providing new/better trash receptacles. Laurinda had several photos of different styles available for examination. During the discussion, Janet mentioned that her daughter cautioned our group to make sure whatever we got in the way of new trash receptacles were in compliance with what the current trash company, RTS, would approve and not spend money on containers that ultimately might not be compliant with what the company would service. Nathan mentioned he was going to be at a meeting with the trash company the next evening. The issue was tabled at this point until Nathan could take the pictures with him to the meeting and find out if the trash company had a preference etc.

Janet Weaver reported that she had not yet contacted DeeAnna at Casey’s regarding the procedure needing to be followed regarding the letter writing campaign to Casey’s HQ in Iowa regarding the need for Keytesville to have a bigger store with more amenities. She was uncertain at this point if a petition drive would serve the same purpose, but promised to have that information available at the next meeting after she has met with DeeAnna in regard to the Business of the Month feature which Keytesville Casey’s had won at a previous meeting of the Chamber.

Laurinda asked then if members wanted to continue with the donuts of the month recipients or not. Nathan suggested that instead of donuts, maybe it would be a good alternative to offer a free meal to a member (after a drawing at the meeting, the winner would be notified and they would get the next’s month’s meal at the meeting free). At that meeting some time should be allotted for that winner to describe his/her business, mention any specials, or upcoming events his/her business would be having so others could be so informed. All members present liked that idea so Nathan Asbury put that idea into a motion with Chris Hughes seconding. All present voted favorably. The first drawing for this free meal was held in lieu of the donuts of the month and SC Sweet Treats (Susan Creason) was the lucky winning member and will be able to enjoy her free meal at the meeting in February.

Also under old business, Laurinda thanked all the members present for help with the events that had been either started or continued during the time she was President. She said she had found her tenure to be challenging, interesting, rewarding, and educational. She said she was pleased to have had positive response to new things that had been started and hoped that those things might be built on and continue to grow. She especially thanked members of the Lions Club and the Fire Dept. for helping make those things happen as their help for Candy Cane Winter Wonderland and Trunk or Treat had been invaluable. She also acknowledged the help she had received from her various committee members.

Laurinda asked what members thought about putting an ad in the newspaper thanking all the members of the Chamber (such as a list of the Businesses who are in the Chamber) after the April meeting( because some don’t pay their dues right away), as a means of not only a thanks to them, but to “give” the business people supporting the endeavors of the Keytesville Chamber some “free advertising”. Nathan Asbury moved that we do that with an ad costing in the neighborhood of $150 so it is a decent sized ad. Lowell Newsom seconded the motion. All members present voted favorably.

Under new business the need for a new slate of officers for 2019 was addressed. After some discussion, these people were put forth as the new slate of officers: Carla Watts, President, Laurinda Littleton, VP, Susan Creason, Sec., and Nancy Coy, Treas. Susan Creason was not at the meeting so must be contacted to see if she would be willing to be secretary for 2019. **Susan Creason was contacted about the secretarial post after the meeting, but due to severe medical issues with her back and possible impending surgery associated with it, she declined. Clayton Enyeart was contacted and he agreed to be the Chamber’s 2019 secretary replacing Janet Weaver. Janet Weaver moved this slate of officers for 2019 be approved, with Lowell Newsom seconding. This slate of officers will be installed in Feb. 2019 and will take on their respective duties at that time.

Committee assignments were made: Janet Weaver will continue to help on Membership assisted by Megan Fox, Nathan Asbury will help on publicity, City Connection, Bob Littleton; Events, Michelle Asbury, Laurinda Littleton, Susan Littleton, Susan Creason,

A brief mention of events to be held in 2019 occurred. The Sally Hubbard Walk was one topic with planning for one special evening walk including families is in the works. This particular walk would NOT count toward the grand prize (which requires all participants to have walked in EACH walk held). This is because many are office workers from out of town and most likely would NOT come back for an evening walk. That is one additional change that is being considered.

Pop Up Events that can take place QUICKLY maybe on a Fri. or Sat. eve. during the summer were also mentioned as something to be explored.

An effort will be made to get the email addresses of all people who are sent membership letters whether they become paying members or not, so as to be able to include them as recipients of the Chamber’s Newsletter. This may influence those who are not members to become paying members.

The next business of the month to be featured in Feb. will be Friends of Keytesville, Inc. Megan Fox has agreed to continue writing that column as well as the Volunteer of the Quarter.

The date for the next Chamber of Commerce meeting was set for Feb. 19th at noon at The Café.

Janet Weaver moved the meeting adjourn with Nancy Coy seconding. All members present were in favor, so the meeting adjourned.