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March 26, 2018

The Keytesville Chamber of Commerce met on Mar. 26, 2018, at noon at the Café`. In the absence of the President, and the delayed arrival of the VP, the Secretary Janet Weaver conducted the meeting. These members were in attendance: Rick Jones, Lowell Newsom, Clayton Enyeart, Janet Weaver, Susan Creason, Wendy Huntsman, Nancy Coy, Landon Alumbaugh, and Stephanie Reisch.

Sec. Weaver called the meeting to order and asked for a motion to approve the agenda. Lowell Newsom moved to approve the agenda with Rick Jones seconding that motion. All members present voted favorably.

The Secretary’s minutes had been read on line with copies distributed to members attending who might not have had the opportunity to read them prior to the meeting. Landon Alumbaugh moved to approve the Secretary’s minutes from the Feb. 20, 2018, meeting with Susan Creason seconding that motion. All members attending voted favorably to approve the Secretary’s minutes.

The Treasurer’s report was read by Treasurer Carla Watts. After deposits and expenses, the checking account has $5,123.44 in it. Wendy Huntsman moved to approve the treasurer’s report with Nancy Coy seconding. Those present voted favorably to approve the Treasurer’s report.

Under old business: chances both sold with money obtained and unsold chances were collected from members attending the meeting. The drawing will be held at the Alumni Banquet on 3/31/18. So far it appears that our group is doing as well as we did last year and potentially better as far as chances sold are concerned. Janet Weaver and Laurinda Littleton will be in charge of the sales table at the Alumni Banquet and Lowell Newsom will announce the winner after the drawing.

It was learned that Cheryl Jackson is still working on the audit of the Treasurer’s books from the year 2017.

Sec. Weaver indicated the sign-up sheet for the town wide garage sale was at City Hall and reinforced the idea that the minimal $2.00 fee is used to defray advertising in the Shopper and the Chariton Co. Journal. Flyers encouraging people to sign up for the event have been posted throughout town. The deadline for signing up is April 20 to allow time for the ads to be in the newspapers. The Lions Club will be holding a food stand at the Farmer’s Market. Maps will be distributed at the various business locations besides City Hall for potential customers.

The Main Street program was briefly discussed, but no decisions pro or con were decided at this time. Discussion of that item on the agenda was postponed until the President can preside over the meeting.

Under new Business the drawing was held for the recipient of the donuts of the month for April. That winner was Littleton Trucking. Since there was a meeting of the events committee with President Littleton on Tues., the 27th, Janet Weaver indicated she would pick up the donuts from Casey’s and deliver them. Due to a mix up on the part of the Secretary who was ill during the Feb. meeting and did not attend, she inadvertently featured Fox Insurance as the Business of the Month when in actuality it should have been the Keytesville Library. No drawing was held for the business of the month since for April the Keytesville Library will be featured. Sec. Weaver indicated she had managed to get Dennis Neidholdt interviewed and a picture secured and his place as Business of the Month as Neidholdt Pecans should be forthcoming in an upcoming newspaper.

Other points mentioned were: Lowell Newsom indicated that the response had been positive for the MO Life magazine ad and TV feature that extolled Chariton County, so the Economic Development Committee was going to do a repeat this year of an ad and the issue will be the June/July issue of MO Life (in time for the festivals). He feels it might not be as hard to raise money for the ad this year since people in the communities had seen the positive results first hand. Stephanie_Reisch and Susan Creason (both on the Sterling Price Committee) gave the list of other people besides themselves working on Sterling Price Days this year for the Chamber to know to whom to refer people seeking information: Gail Calvert, Delinda Meyer, Amy Shipp, Eve Ware, Jenny Bartholomew, and Rachel Hawkins.

The date for the next Chamber meeting was set for April 16, 2018, Carla Watts moved the meeting adjourn with Lowell Newsom seconding that motion. All members present voted favorably. Meeting adjourned.