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October 15, 2018

Keytesville Chamber of Commerce Met Oct. 15, 2018

The Keytesville Chamber of Commerce meet at noon at The Café on Mon., Oct. 15, 2018, with these members in attendance: Rick Jones, Larry Pollard, Janet Weaver, Carla Watts, Wendy Huntsman, Susan Creason, and Pres. Laurinda Littleton.

Pres. Littleton called the meeting to order and asked that the agenda be approved.
Rick Jones moved to approve the agenda with Susan Creason seconding. All members present voted to approve the agenda.

Pres. Littleton asked if all had read the Secretary’s minutes on line and asked for a motion to approve those minutes. Carla Watts moved to approve the secretary’s minutes with Wendy Huntsman seconding that motion. All members present voted to approve the secretary’s minutes.

The Treasurer’s report was given next with Treasurer Carla Watts announcing a new member: Plaid Parlor. The starting balance was $5,784.36 with the addition of $25 dues from Plaid Parlor and expenditures of $67.50 for the FCCLA ($25.00, USPS Trunk or Treat postage-$22.50 and Costume Contest Winner check for Trunk or Treat- $20.00 thereby leaving a balance of $5741.86 in the checking account.

Pres. Littleton asked for a motion to approve the Treasurer’s repot and Larry Pollard moved to approve the report with Rick Jones seconding the motion. All present voted favorably to approve the Treasurer’s report as read.

President Littleton mentioned that Drew’s Garage LLC had made a donation of $50 to the upcoming Trunk or Treat event scheduled for Oct. 27. Janet Weaver, Sec. indicated she would write a proper thank you note. (**Later Sherry’s Place’s owner Sherry Meyer also gave a $50 donation toward the Trunk or Treat Event, so she, too, was sent a thank you note from the Chamber by Sec. Janet Weaver.

It was announced that the Events Committee would be meeting at Laurinda Littleton’s house on Oct. 30 at 1:30 p.m. to start planning the 2nd annual Candy Cane Winter Wonderland event. The original date of Dec. 1 had been found to conflict with an event held in Salisbury (in the evening), so Dec. 8 was chosen instead. Laurinda indicated that this info about Keytesville Chamber’s Xmas event needed to be advertised soon on the Facebook page for the Chamber as well as in the area newspaper. Sec. Weaver indicated she would contact Megan Fox to work on the Facebook posting and she would take care of an article for the CC Journal. A paid ad in the CC Journal would follow closer to the event.

It was decided to have the window decorating contest (businesses) and the homes decorating contest again with the same amount of prize money offered as before—two categories: business and homes with 1st prize being $100 in each category and $50 the second prize in each category and $25 the third place in each category. Chairman of that event will be decided at the Events Committee meeting.

A drrawing was held for the Donut Recipient of the month which was Casey’s and the Business of the Month which was Drew’s Garage LLC. Casey’s will receive cupcakes from Sweet Treats instead of donuts (which is what they sell regularly).

Janet Weaver reminded members to be thinking about a nominee for the Volunteer of the Quarter so that could be decided next meeting.

The next meeting’s date was set for Mon., Nov. 19, 2018.

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Susan Creason with Larry Pollard seconding. All present voted favorably and the meeting was adjourned.