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May 21, 2018

The Keytesville Chamber of Commerce met on Monday, May 21, 2018 at noon at The Café with these members present: Stephanie Reische, Susan Littleton, Nancy Coy, Larry Pollard, Laurinda Littleton, Clayton Enyeart, Gerald Friesz, Lowell Newsom, Landon Alumbaugh, Carla Watts and Janet Weaver.

The meeting was called to order by Laurinda Littleton. Lowell Newsom made the motion to approve the agenda with Susan Littleton seconding. All present voted favorably.

The secretary’s report was the next topic with Nancy Coy moving to approve the secretary’s report and Stephanie Reische seconding. All those present voted favorably.

The treasurer’s report was given by Carla Watts, treasurer. At present the checking account has $5,840.72 in it after receiving dues from one new member, Tammy Littleton ($25) and income from Candy Cane sales $32.50, and the deposit of $29.00 for people paying for placement on the City Wide Garage Sale map and then an expenditure of $53.22 for Megan Fox for the printing of flyers and brochures. This news of $5,840.72 in the checking account was pleasing to hear for those present. Landon Alumbaugh moved to approve the treasurer’s report with Nancy Coy seconding. All present voted favorably.

Cheryl Jackson’s audit was completed so she will be due her fee which was $30.00. Lowell Newsom moved to pay Cheryl Jackson with Janet Weaver seconding. All present voted favorably.

Pres. Littleton announced the Chamber had received a $500 donation to our cause from the Chariton County Community Foundation. This should help with some of our upcoming expenses for various events. Janet Weaver, secretary, would be writing a thank you note to the CCCF.

The Dr. Sally Hubbard Walk was discussed and thus far it is going well. This event will conclude on the 14th of June, at the Farmers Market with a “healthy lunch” with the grand prize given for the one who has completed all the walks. If more than one has done so, a drawing will be held to choose the winner or some sort of tie breaker.

The discussion then turned to the Bridge Street Affair coming up the 23rd of June. A mailing was made to Chamber members and others encouraging participation in the free vendor booths. Many vendor forms were hand delivered, but others had to be mailed. Laurinda reported that she had (thus far) at least 12 who indicated they would be interested in having a booth. First ones to return their forms will be granted the right to be under the roof at the Farmers’Market.

Carla Watts indicated that the inflatables would be available for kids but someone from the group would have to be in charge as the co. didn’t have enough people to send someone to do it. The bank was sponsoring a coin hunt and there would also be a maze to entertain children. In lieu of the adult tug of war, adult tricycle races will be held.

The Swim Club will be serving food near the Community Center.

A “clean up” of Bridge Street was deemed necessary for the Bridge St. Affair with Rick Jones, Fire Chief, saying he would get the Fire Dept. to clean the areas that need cleaning. Weed removal would be beneficial as well—either by spraying or weed eating. Hopefully the property owners will step up and accomplish that. The “clean up” is scheduled for the 19th of June at 7:00 p.m.

Sherry’s Place plans to have a special drink (Strawberry-Lemonade Moonshine) plus wines available in front of her business with tables/chairs and umbrellas for those seated there.

Tickets were passed out to members to sell for the Steak Dinner (musical entertainment by the Honky Tonkers) since Clayton Enyeart’s band had a conflict and could not provide the entertainment. Tickets are $25 each for non-Chamber members and $15 each for Chamber members. People are to indicate how they want their steaks prepared: well done, medium, or rare to facilitate preparation of the meat with the deadline of June 19 for reservations. Becky Parks has agreed to help Laurinda with the decorations for the event. All members are encouraged to try and sell tickets for this event. Ads will be placed in the newspaper two weeks prior to the event and flyers will be posted in the surrounding towns.

A drawing was held for donuts of the month with the MO Regional Bank winning that award. The next business of the month will be Alumbaugh Trucking.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting by Lowell Newsom with Janet Weaver seconding. All present voted favorably.