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Although officially organized in 1833, the town of Keytesville has its roots in the small village known as "Old Chariton". Sitting on the banks of the Chariton and Missouri Rivers, for many years this village served as the center for county business. Repeated river flooding necessitated a location on higher ground. In 1830, Englishman James Keyte, a Methodist preacher and entrepreneur, purchased a large parcel of land. Two years later he donated fifty acres of it to Chariton County for what was to become the town of Keytesville.



The Price Museum has been in existence since 1964 and is maintained by the Friends of Keytesville, Inc. It features an extensive collection of Native American arrowheads and other artifacts, memorabilia from the Civil War, WWI and WWII.

General Maxwell Taylor Park has the amenities of shelter houses, picnic tables, playground equipment for children, a pavilion with adult exercise equipment, RV hookups, a fishing lake as well as areas for both baseball and basketball.

Also of note is a complex of historic buildings on North Park Street, approximately two blocks from one of the town's green spaces in Price Park. Included are a realistic log cabin which was reconstructed using the logs from non-decayed parts of two different original cabins in the area to make one complete cabin, along with Keytesville's Presbyterian Church, constructed in 1853.