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June 18, 2018

The Keytesville Chamber of Commerce met on noon at The Café on June 18, 2018, with these members present: President Laurinda Littleton, Nancy Coy, Rick Jones, Cele Sehlke, Nathan Asbury, Susan Creason, Landon Alumbaugh, Lowell Newsom, Carla Watts, Clayton Enyeart, Wendy Huntsman, and Shirley Morris.

Laurinda called the meeting to order and asked for a motion to approve the agenda. Lowell Newsom moved to approve the agenda with Clayton Enyeart seconding that motion. All present voted favorably.

Laurinda then asked for a motion to approve the Secretary’s minutes. Nancy Coy moved to approve the secretary’s minutes with Susan Creason seconding. All present voted favorably to approve the secretary’s minutes.

Carla Watts gave the treasurer’s report. She reported that the checking account has a current balance of $6435.72. Janet Weave moved to approve the treasurer’s report with Landon Alumbaugh seconding. All present voted favorably to approve the treasurer’s report.

Laurinda asked Janet Weaver to give a brief synopsis of the 2nd Annual Sally Hubbard Walk. Janet indicated statistics showed that approximately 24 people walked each time, that the children’s activity day was very popular and that people had enjoyed trying out and looking at the new adult exercise equipment on the last day of the walk. There were 8 people who had completed all the walks so those 8 were in the running for the grand prize (either 3 mo. membership at Under the Bar fitness center in Salisbury or $125 gift certificate to Academy Sport in Columbia. A 5 question quiz was administerd to those finalists and 2 were then in the running for the grand prize. Ironically it was the same 2 that were in the running last year: Sharon Gandy and Rachel Nissing. The tie breaker question was given to both and Sharon Gandy was the winner. She chose the $125 gift certificate to Academy Sport.

Discussion then turned to the upcoming Bridge Street Affair scheduled for June 23rd.. Laurinda gave a report of things lined up thus far. Clean up night the 19th of June, with the firemen washing the streets the 20th. She indicated she had 14 vendors who indicated they would be participating. Becky Parks was helping with decorations and various colored flags would be placed in the flag brackets on Bridge Street. Hanging fern baskets had been difficult to obtain (due to the heat most look sunburned), and stores don’t seem to have any now. Something will be managed to hang around the Farmers Market instead of ferns.

Laurinda spoke of the need for an Emcee for the Saturday events. Chris Hughes’ name was mentioned as a possibility. Nothing definite was decided on the Emcee.

Laurinda brought up the idea of Event Insurance. Rick Jones moved to buy the event insurance for a year (which would cover all our events) and not be that much more in price than for one event and hopefully not cost more than $500. Janet Weaver seconded that motion. Laurinda to start the procedure going to obtain the event insurance. Donuts for the month of July was awarded to: Summerville Funeral Home; Business of the month for July was Keytesville Lions Club.

July 16th was announced as the next Chamber meeting day which is the 3rd Monday of the month of July.

Cele Sehlke moved that the meeting adjourn with Wendy Huntsman seconding. All present voted favorably.