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April 16, 2018

The Keytesville Chamber of Commerce met April 16, 2018, at The Café` at noon with these members present: Rick Jones, Carla Watts, Janet Weaver, Nancy Coy, Wendy Huntsman, Susan Creason, Bob Littleton, Laurinda Littleton, Susan Littleton, Clayton Enyeart, Nathan Asbury, Gerald Friesz, Lowell Newsom, and Shirley Morris.

Laurinda called the meeting to order and asked that the agenda be approved. Nancy moved the agenda be approved with Gerald Friesz seconding, and with all members voting favorably.

The Secretary’s minutes were moved to be approved by Lowell Newsom with Rick Jones seconding, and all members presented voted favorably.

With the Treasurer’s minutes being given by Treas. Carla Watts, it was learned that the gift basket had earned $2045 with expenses being $185 for a net of $1860. Carla also reported that the audit would be done by the May meeting according to Cheryl Jackson.
The amount in the checking account now according to Carla Watts is $5804.44.
Clayton Enyeart moved the treas. report be approved with Rick Jones seconding. All present voted favorably.

Laurinda asked about putting a thank you in the newspaper regarding support of the gift basket fundraiser. It was decided to put a Thank You on the electronic sign.

Due to the untimely death of member Robert Wheeler, it was decided to give $50 to the Chariton County Foundation from the Chamber of Commerce in Robbie’s memory.

Under old business it was mentioned that some people from Brunswick had recently attended a Main Street Meeting in KC; also MO LIFE Magazine would be doing another feature on Chariton County. It was hoped additional TV coverage from MO LIFE and also regarding the new exercise equipment in the Maxwell Taylor Park (upon its completion) would give needed publicity to efforts in Keytesville.

Under new business Nathan Asbury spoke about efforts being spearheaded by the Lions Club to rehab Brandon Brown’s flood damaged house. He indicated a lot of donations had been received as well as fixtures etc. to be installed. The work is hoped to be completed before Brandon returns from his tour of duty by the end of May or first of June. A brief discussion was held regarding if the Chamber would want to donate to this cause. Susan Littleton mentioned that while it was a worthy cause, if we started donating to individuals “in need”, where would we ever draw the line, plus the main focus of the Chamber is businesses. The consensus was that if individual businesses wanted to donate to this project, they could, but the Chamber itself would not.

Under new business the Garage Sale (May 12) was discussed. The deadline for listing is Apr. 20. After that ads will be placed in the CC Journal and the Shopper. Maps will be drawn up and placed at Casey’s, Regional MO Bank, City Hall, The Café` etc. for the event. The work for the Townwide Garage Sale seems at this point to be under control.

The 2nd Annual Dr. Sally Hubbard Walk was discussed. Carla Watts passed out signs for proposed exercises at the 3 stations at the Maxwell Taylor Park. These people indicated they could/would help on the designated Tues. and/or Thurs. of the five week event: Nancy Coy, Janet Weaver, Lowell Newsom, Laurinda Littleton, Wendy Huntsman, Susan Creason (June only), perhaps Larry Pollard, Megan Fox. Flyers and brochures will be posted about town advertising the event. Janet Weaver distributed a sample brochure so members could see how the brochure would look.

Moving forward several potential names were listed for the Chamber’s event planned for Bridge Street on June 23. Of several different suggested names for the festivity,
“A Bridge Street Affair” was the choice of the Chamber Group. Flyers will be shortly distributed for that event, and advertising efforts will begin.

Events being planned for this new feature will be: children’s games,. vegetable races etc in the morning to coincide with booths featuring businesses who are members of the Chamber. A tug of war between the Keytesville Fire Dept. membes and Law Enforcement Members, maybe children’s dancers from Moxie Gym of Salisbury and a Drum Line for entertainment.
It is thought that the morning’s events should start at 9:00 a.m. and end by 1:00 p.m.
The steak dinner that evening complete with live music would be held on Bridge Street with decorations. Marek’s Meat Market providing the steaks, The Café` providing the baked potatoes, green beans, lettuce salad, croissant rolls by Sherry’s Home Cookin’ and a spectacular dessert by SC’s Sweet Treats. Tea, water, and coffee for dessert. Sherry Meyer has expressed an interest in having wine(s) available under a decorated arbor.
Ideas and execution of the same are being currently worked on with more things finalized at the May 2018 meeting.

Drawing for donuts of the month—won by The Keytesville Lions Club
Drawing for business of the month—Kendall Littleton Trucking
Volunteer of the Quarter—Rhonda Friesz (her continuing efforts regarding the Keytesville Swimming Pool).

Date for the next Chamber meeting: May 21, 2018.

A motion to adjourn was made by Lowell Newsom with Janet Weaver seconding. All present voted favorably.