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August 19, 2019

The Keytesville Chamber of Commerce met August 19, 2019, at the Café at noon. Theae members and guests were in attendance: Carla Watts, President, Nancy Coy, Treas., Laurinda Littleton, VP, Larry Pollard, Holly Sorenson, Susan Creason, Lowell Newsom, Melissa Wilhoit, Wendy Huntsman, Janet Weaver, Rick Joens, David Gaines, Becky Bentley, and Angela Peglow.

President Carla Watts called the meeting to order and asked that the agenda be approved. David Gaines moved to approve the agenda and Nancy Coy seconded. All present voted favorably.

Carla passed out copies of the June minutes taken by Clayton Enyeart Secretary who was not present at the July meeting and those minutes as well as the July minutes taken by substitute Janet Weaver were approved with Holly Sorenson moving that both sets of minutes be approved with Laurinda Littleton seconding the motion. All present voted favorably.

Nancy Coy gave the Treasurer’s report and indicated that the Keytesville Chamber has $5912.21 in the checking account with these checks outstanding: #1354 for $140.91 and #1358 for $84.36 David Gaines moved the treasurer’s report be approved as read with Susan Creason seconding. All present voted favorably.

Pres. Watts reported (under old business) that after learning what other food servers and food venues were going to be available on Price Day for sale, in an effort to have something different, it was decided by the events committee to sell a bowl of sliced fresh apples with melted caramel sauce drizzled over the top. Suggested price for this snack was $3.00. Expenses should be minimal for the group as VP Littleton indicated that Littleton Trucking was in the process of hauling apples from the Waverly area and would get all the apples needed free. Janet Weaver indicated she had about 5 or 6 boxes of plastic forks that belonged to the Chariton Co. Heritage Tours,Inc. group left over from their last ice cream social and she would be willing to donate those to the cause. This left what needs to be purchased as the disposable serving bowls and the caramel. Laurinda indicated she would need some help getting the apples ready, People to work the booth selling would be needed and the booth would need electricity to keep the caramel sauce warm and melted. These people indicated that they would be able to help: Becky Bentley, Holly Sorenson, Melissa Wilhoit, Laurinda Littleton, Larry Pollard, Lowell Newsom (IF his designated time did not conflict with the preparation work for the Lions Fish Fry Sat. evening.

It was thought that perhaps an official motion should be made to proceed with selling the apple/caramel treat on Price Day. Lowell Newsom moved that the Keytesville Chamber sell the caramel apple treats for $3.00 per bowl on Price Day and Janet Weaver seconded the motion. All present voted favorably.

Also under old business it has been learned that Neidholdt Plumbing and Excavating has declined the ribbon cutting and will perhaps consider some assistance on a sign but it is indefinite at this time.

Under new business Holly Sorenson showed a design for a Keytesville t-shirt and suggested the Chamber might want to go with a grey color. Black is hard to keep lint free and she also did not want this t-shirt to look like Keytesville Tiger (school themed) t-shirts. She brought her laptop for the group present to look at the design she suggested. All members looked at the laptop photo and all thought it looked acceptable and would be fine. It was discussed how many to order and 35 was thought to be a fair amount to order to begin with. The shirt would sell in the price range of $20. Holly felt she could have 35 ready for Price Day. The Price Museum could have some for sale at that establishment as well to benefit the Chamber.

It was suggested that more businesses needed to contact Jason Sears at his email address: and sign up to have a page for their business(es) as he is giving any business who signs up a “sweetheart deal” of $20 for a webpage describing their business, contact information/photographs etc. Some present indicated they had forgotten to contact him and intended to do so.

The date was discussed for the annual Trunk or Treat event and Sat., Oct. 26 was chosen to be the date. Laurinda reminded members that “more games” were needed for this year’s event. Susan Creason indicated she’d once again do the cookie walk. Janet moved we have the event Oct. 26 and Nancy seconded the motion. All present voted favorably. The suggestion was made that the appeal to Casey’s for donated pizzas needed to be submitted at least a month ahead and hot dogs/buns were the other snack needed as well as chips.

Moving forward, Dec. 14 was selected as the date of the Candy Cane Winter Wonderland for this year’s Chamber Xmas event. Janet moved we have the event Dec. 14 and Wendy Huntsman seconded the motion. All present voted favorably.

The Café was the business of the month and there was no free meal drawing for this meeting.

Topics discussed informally included updates on the Broadband project from Chariton Valley, (ready to go); David Gaines discussed Nutrien’s business and it was suggested the Chamber might have a ribbon cutting there in the future; David indicated Economic Dev. would be going to Minnesota again to try and interest businesses seeking to expand to consider Chariton County. Larry Pollard discussed the Land Learning Center’s Youth Squirrel Hunt, Carla brought up the fact that FEMA would be in Chariton County and if a person’s business had been adversely impacted by the flooding, there were loans available to help them for the loss of business revenue. It was learned there may be a medical marijuana shop in Salisbury before long if all the requirements can be met. Lowell gave an update on the new Lions Club building. The outer part of the building is essentially built and it is paid for by donations of land or money. The interior finishing will require the Lions to have some fundraisers, but they are very pleased to have the exterior closed in prior to winter. Next meeting is Sept. 16, 2019 at the Café.

Lowell moved to adjourn with Larry seconding. All in favor. Meeting adjourned.