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January 21, 2020

The January 2020 meeting of the Keytesville Chamber of Commerce met at the Café at noon on Monday, January 21st, 2020. Members in attendance were President Carla Watts, Nancy Coy, Laurinda Littleton, Wende Huntsman, Becky Bentley, Lowell Newsom, Rick Jones, Susan Creason, Larry Pollard, Clayton Enyeart, Nathan and Michelle Asbury.

President Carla Watts called the meeting to order and asked for a motion for the secretary’s minutes to be approved. Larry moved the secretary’s minutes to be approved with Nancy seconding that motion. All members present voted favorably.

The Treasurer’s report was presented by Treasurer Nancy. Carla asked for a motion to approve the treasurer’s report. Lowell made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report with Susan C. seconding. All members present voted favorably.

Under old business, we are continuing to sell BBQ fundraiser tickets. We are off to a good start and will be selling tickets during the upcoming basketball tournament. We will be needing volunteers to work the booth at the games. A sign-up sheet was passed around during the meeting.

Under new business, The Free Meal recipient for this month is Travis McNeall. It is now time to decide the Volunteer of the Year for 2020. After discussion was made, it was agreed that Tim Silkwood had been a big help during the Christmas set-up in the park for the Christmas parade. Rick motioned to nominate Tim for Volunteer of the Year and Nancy seconded that motion. Lowell volunteered to write the article for the paper.

Officers for 2020 are as follows: Carla Watts, President; Laurinda Littleton, Vice President; Susan Creason, Treasurer; Melissa Wilhoit, Secretary with Becky Bentley as back-up Secretary.

Last month Nathan Asbury suggested we promote our businesses by having one business a month do a presentation to inform and promote their business to the Chamber. This month’s presentation was Nathan and Michelle Asbury promoting their construction business, as well as their newly opened “1820” restaurant. They announced that opening night went very well and are continuing to book reservations for the coming weekends. Nathan highlighted the construction business’s gutter machine and introduction of a cabinet line.

In other business, Lowell invited two people who work for Invenergy to come speak during the meeting. Invenergy is the company advocating for the construction of the Grain Belt Express that would run through Chariton County. During the possible 2 to 3-year construction of the Grain Belt Express, there would be an estimated $1.05 million per year tax benefit for Chariton County. The advocates answered questions about the advantages and disadvantages of the possible development and what direct and indirect effects it would have on the county as a whole.

The date for the next Chamber meeting is set for Tuesday, February 18tht since Monday is a holiday. Nancy made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Wende seconded it. All members present voted favorably.