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Dred and Lula Finnell Trust

Dred and Lula Finnell Trust
117 E Tom St
Keytesville, MO 65261

About Us

The culmination of frugal living and smart investing, the Finnell Trust serves as Dred and Lula Finnell's legacy and their gift to the City of Keytesville. Through this gift, the city and residents of Keytesville have the ability to seek monetary support for charitable and educational projects to benefit the community. Each year, the Finnell Trust Board oversees the spending of approximately $100,000 (the interest of a near $2 million trust fund), to be spent on educational and community grants. On this page, you can learn about the requirements for the Finnell Higher Learning Tuition Grant and the Finnell Community Grant, download copies of the applications, and find out about upcoming Finnell Board meetings.

Who We Are

The Finnell Trust Board is comprised of eight members. Norman Bentley serves as President and Janet Weaver serves as Secretary. Members include: Kessie Friesz, Dr. Sally Hubbard, Laurinda Littleton, Larry Peters, George Schupback, Bonnie Mutert, and Michael Sehlke.

Our History

In 1932, Dred and Lula married and some 18 years later returned to Dred's childhood home in Keytesville, Missouri. Dred, passionate about politics, ran for mayor in 1961 and served 12 terms, for a total of 24 years. During that time, Dred became well known for his "can-do" attitude and outgoing nature. He oversaw many projects benefiting the city, which is now carried on through the Finnell Trust, which has helped fund over 100 community benefiting projects. In sharp contrast to Dred, Lula had a quiet nature and enjoyed being at home, where she gardened, nursed injured animals to health, and maintained the couple's home.

Important Dates

Finnell Board Meetings:
21 June. 6:30 pm, grant app due: 14 June.
20 Sept. 6:30 pm, grant app due: 13 Sept.
12 Dec. 3:00 pm, grant app due: 6 Dec.

Finnell Higher Learning Tuition Grant Deadlines:
Fall Semester: 1 June
Winter/Spring Semester: 31 December

Contact Us

Norman Bentley, President
117 E. Tom St., Keytesville, MO 65261
Call: 660-288-3237

Janet Weaver, Secretary
PO Box 40, Keytesville, MO 65261
Call: 660-288-3425

Commonly Asked Questions about Finnell Higher Learning Tuition Grants

Fall Semester Deadline: June 1
Winter/Spring Semester Deadline: December 31

  1. Pick up a paper application from the Regional Missouri Bank in Keytesville.
  2. Download a copy from www.keytesvillemo.com.
  3. Pick up a paper application from the Keytesville High School Guidance Counselor.

Return your completed application to a teller at the Regional Missouri Bank in Keytesville and tell them it is a Finnell Higher Learning Tuition Grant. They will ensure the Finnell Trust Board receives the paperwork.

Yes, provided you meet the requirements. Each semester you must turn in your application by the required deadline, provide the Finnell Trust Board with a copy of your bill from the school you are attending, and continue to take at least 12 hours of college credit. After your freshman year at college, you will also need to provide the Finnell Trust Board with a copy of your grade point average (you must have at least a 2.66 GPA) to continue to qualify for a Finnell Higher Learning Tuition Grant.

Yes, the Finnell Higher Learning Tuition Grants are available to you for up to 8 semesters of college (typically 4 years of school).

No, the Finnell Higher Learning Tuition Grants pay only toward the costs of tuition and fees.

You have one year from the time of your high school graduation from Keytesville High School to apply to the Finnell Trust for an educational grant. The Board recommends you apply immediately after your graduation, so you will be on record as having done so and thus will be eligible for a Finnell Higher Learning Tuition Grant if at a later time you decide to further your education.

You will be disqualified until you bring up either your cumulative GPA or your semester GPA to a 2.66. Once your grades meet the minimum, apply as normal by the deadline and ensure that you include a proof of grades and your bill. Your educational funding from the Finnell Trust will resume.

No, the money is paid directly to the school of your choice once documentation is submitted: a copy of your bill, schedule of classes, etc.

The Finnell Trust Board must have your application by those dates. This allows the Finnell Trust Board to know how many people it will be funding and plan accordingly. You are allowed to submit your bill and proof of your GPA after the deadline as long as you have submitted your application on time. However, you must submit your documentation as soon as possible.